How to Choose Perfect TV Background

TV background is the key to create a great visual effects. It presents the aesthetic standard of people. The principles of designs for TV background are: simplicity & practicability & sense of design. 

Decoration for TV background are very various such as simple, modern, european, natural and so on. Excellent TV background will make rooms brigther and charming. The best decoration effects bring best living feeling and visual enjoyment. 

Choose mural material as the TV background will help us save cost and make a favorite patterns. All designs can be made. Make choices according to your own preference. 

Good wall coverings for the background wall. The wall coverings are made of genuine cotton, linen, polyester, silk and other materials as fabrics, and all kinds of pure cloths are used as the main surface materials. It has the characteristics of continuous tearing and not torn, so it has strong tensile resistance. It can cover, protect and condense the wall cracks caused by putty. The formaldehyde content of the product is much lower than the national standard, and the wall covering has a good function of adjusting humidity. If the wall humidity is high, it can remove the moisture in the wall through tiny holes to prevent the wall from becoming moldy and falling off. Maintaining a certain humidity can bring a feeling of warm in winter and cool in summer.

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