Seamless Wall Fabric

Seamless wall fabric is popular for its features of being seamless, which mean there is no any jionts when we install, so the edge will not roll or tilt up.

Why seamless wall fabric is popular

Being Seamless

The seamless wall covering can meet the height of the inner wall of the general residential building. At the same time, using the unique seamless wall covering paste technology of Youhu, the seamless wall covering can be easily and smoothly pasted to the wall surface, which is easy to take care of and unload. If the wall is too high, you can use the wall skirt below or the upper pressing line or the middle horizontal splicing method to achieve no or seldom splicing, avoiding or reducing the trouble of ordinary wallpaper and wall cloth splicing joints, and at the same time. There will be overflow of glue.

Being Mildew proof

Being mildew-proof is mainly explained from two aspects: First, the seamless wall coverings are mostly polyester fiber fabrics. The characteristics of this raw material itself are not easy to mold and rot. Second, seamless wall covering is different from ordinary wallpaper and wall covering in that it has no backing paper. Therefore, it has good air permeability and will not appear mildew and rot under normal conditions. Anti-fouling. The stain here refers to stains caused by mildew. The wall covering has an anti-fouling function and it is not easy to produce stains caused by mildew.

Being Eco-friendly

First of all, from the perspective of material analysis, seamless wall coverings ensure the highest standards of environmental protection and odor-free in terms of raw materials and auxiliary materials, and directly experience odorless and non-toxic by smell; in addition, the actual test data also proves that the raw materials and auxiliary materials of seamless wall coverings It meets the national interior decoration testing requirements.

Can be Made Into Being Fire-proof

Relevant fire regulations stipulate that the national requirements for fabrics used in large clubs, dance halls, theaters, hotels and other public places must meet or exceed the flame retardant B1 standard. The BI standard mainly refers to the wall covering that can be used for 5 seconds when it burns vertically. Naturally block combustion within. The seamless wall covering has passed the required test in this respect after being treated with flame retardant. The flame retardant B2 standard of the cloth is lower than that of the B1 grade, which mainly means that when the cloth burns vertically, it can automatically block the burning within more than 5 seconds and less than 15 seconds.

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