Murals are very popular among people for the features of being  self adhesive, water-proof, easy installation, vivid patterns, repositionable. Peel & stick makes it to be applied widely as home decoration. 


Today’s mural is widely used in home decoration. Many people use it to decorate the walls at home. The reason why it is favored by people is mainly because of the beauty of the mural. The mural pasted on the wall will make the house more colorful, it seems that the house structure is richer and more complete, creating a warm and atmospheric environment. People think that the use of mural will make the integrity of the home very good.


Can be customized 

Customize your exclusive Murals. Determine the theme of the tooling background wall you need, and first have a general direction and framework for yourself! Then find the pattern you want according to the classification. You can also call(0086 17802585196) or add WeChat (DQQ219219)  or Email( find a professional person for assistance. If you don’t find the pattern you need, you can personally customize a tooling background wall pattern that suits you.


Protective Function

The mural has a good protective effect, and the walls are cleaner. Wallpaper is very useful for children with babies at home. All murals can be pasted on the face of wall to against the dirty and make it easy to clean up our rooms. When children want to draw, mural is very easy to change even if you don’t like its design. 


Interest Our Rooms

Natural scape mural, beautiful flowers mural, animal patterns mural, irrgular patterns mural bring more interest. Under charming and warm living astmosphere,  you will be in good mood. 


Easy to Install by ourselves, Save Expensive Installation fee

Murals with adhesive liner make the installation convenient. Only one or two persons, then you can finish a full wall decoration. 

How to install Murals

Tools Needed: Utinity Knife/ Tape Measure/ Sponge/ Straight Edge/ Level/ Plastic Smoother or Flat Edge/ Step Stool

Many patterns and style will will look great as is. 

However, you can choose to double cut for a perfect butt seam. (Be careful here!)

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