Installtion for Adhesive Material

With the improvement of the economic level, people have higher and higher requirements for living space. Take the wall as an example, more people will choose wallpaper for pasting. Compared with traditional paint, wallpaper styles are more colorful and easy to operate, which is deeply loved by consumers. 

How to install

1. First Step - Clean up the dust!

Use a brush to clean up the dust on the wall before putting the wallpaper, repair the cavities on the wall until it is level, and then slowly level the wall with a scraper. The wallpaper laid out in this way is smoother.


2. Second Step - Measurement!


First use a round ruler to measure the height and width of the wall, and then use the area of the wall to cut the wallpaper. Note that when cutting, the actual length of the wallpaper is reserved for 5 cm at the top and bottom to facilitate corner cutting.

2. Third Step - Paste!


Then you can start pasting. When pasting, it is recommended to start from one side of the wall and paste from top to bottom, from the corners to the inside, and paste in one direction, with the second sheet pressing the first sheet. When you encounter floating places, press with a wet towel to remove the gas in the wallpaper and level the wallpaper.

Treatment of special locations!

When encountering the connection of printed wallpapers, find the patterns in the two places of the connection and paste them 12cm wide. After the whole wallpaper is aligned, use a scraper to divide the overlapped part. When you encounter a power switch or socket, first cover the wallpaper and brush it flat, and then use a utility knife to draw a diagonal cross on it to cut off the excess. The wallpaper method around the doors and windows is the same as the power switch. After the wallpaper is pasted up

Pay attentions to these points

Before we paste

Before putting on the wallpaper, check whether the color of the wallpaper has a color difference, etc., and then check the contrast of the wallpaper, whether the construction is in the forward or reverse direction, etc. So as not to affect the aesthetics.

After we paste

After the wallpaper is pasted, if the window is opened immediately for ventilation, it will cause the edge and bulge. It is recommended to close the door and window and dry it in the shade for 2-3 days.

Wait the wallpaper dry

Before the wallpaper is dry in the shade, do not turn on the heating and air conditioning, as this will cause the wallpaper to shrink violently and cause cracks. In the later use, if the outside temperature is high, the windows should be closed in time to prevent the wallpaper from getting damp. When the weather is fine, you can properly open the windows for ventilation.

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