Non Woven Wallpaper

What is non-woven paper with water-based acrylic?

Non-woven paper with water-based acrylic is a wallpaper paper base made of synthetic fibers and natural fibers. Non-woven paper is also used to make gauze, coffee filters and tea bags.

In the production process of non-woven paper, synthetic and natural fibers are combined with adhesives, and acrylics are used to increase strength.

In order to ensure opacity, non-woven paper is usually mixed with additional pigments or comes with a pre-coating layer on the printed surface.

The most significant difference between non-woven paper and ordinary wood pulp paper is that non-woven paper contains synthetic fibers.

Generally, the higher the synthetic fiber content, the better the quality of the non-woven paper.

The advantages of non woven wallpaper

Easier to Clean


The wallpaper of the past was not always as easy to clean as it is now. Now if people accidentally splash stains on the wallpaper, people will simply wash it off with a wet sponge without thinking. In the past, such stains were more difficult to remove. You must either replace that part of the wall or continue to use it. Non-woven wallpaper is very easy to keep clean.

Better Breathability

Although the wallpaper has a strong artistic expression, but the wallpaper that is handled carelessly will have the phenomenon of mold. The wallpaper itself obviously does not cause mold problems, but the nature of the traditional paper substrate means that the wallpaper does not have good air permeability. Poor air permeability means that the wallpaper will lock the steam between itself and the wall, causing mold to grow.

However, the non-woven paper base has good air permeability, the steam will not be locked between the wall and the wallpaper, so the mold will not breed again. It is precisely because of the breathability of non-woven paper that non-woven paper is also widely used in humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Convenient Installation and Replacement

The non-woven paper bottom is lighter than ordinary wood pulp paper, so it is easier to wall and easy to replace in the future. The characteristics of the non-woven paper bottom determine that it is more difficult to tear even if it gets wet during the construction process.

Non-woven paper has strong resistance to deformation and does not shrink or swell easily. This feature makes the construction of non-woven paper easier, because it means that the construction staff can only apply glue on the wall instead of applying glue to the back of the paper.

Easy Replacement

In addition, the high whiteness characteristics of non-woven paper can also cover the gaps in the wall itself.

The non-woven paper is difficult to tear and has good flexibility. It also means that the non-woven paper is more convenient to replace, can be easily removed in one piece, does not damage the wall, and is convenient for secondary construction.

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